Tips for surviving the working parent life.

Happy New Year!

This past year has been a whirlwind! I cannot believe how fast it has gone by and how much things have changed. 10733580_10205039372494857_1243069517_n

My baby is now a toddler! WHAT! There are days and weeks that I cannot even remember. I don’t know how I survived working opposite shifts as my husband, getting off of work after 11 every night, up at 645am, chores, dinner, etc. with a baby on my hip (he literally is at my feet all. the. time.).

How did I even fit in a shower? It was all a blur. But from what I can remember, here are some of the tips I have for surviving life as a working mom.

The crockpot is your best friend. Seriously. It has saved my life many times. It is easy to put on healthy dishes that everyone loves and usually requires little prep work. So get on Pinterest and start pinning some crockpot recipes asap!

Share the responsibilities. When both parents work, its crucial to have a mutual understanding that chores are to be shared. My husband is incredible when it comes to helping with chores and understanding that it is not always possible for me to finish the laundry when our son had a rough day and didn’t take a nap. For that, I am SO grateful!


Plan out your errands. I usually run my errands on days that my mom is free or my off days once Grady is in bed. I like the time to myself and knowing when my errands were actually going to be done, helped me not stress about them.

Keep your little one on a routine. If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I am big on keeping kids on a routine. I am not talking about a crazy schedule, but they need to have a set naptime and most importantly a set bedtime.  Especially when both parents work! I could not get anything done, or have any time to myself, Grady didn’t have a naptime and bedtime ( which is 7pm sharp!). He thrives on it, we get to have time together to have date nights in, relax, run errands, shower! It is so important and helps us both keep our sanity.  Of course there are times we put ou  routines aside, but most days are the same in regards to bedtimes!

Squeeze in time to relax. It is so important. I don’t always do chores during naptime, sometimes I nap too. Or write, or zone out with Netflix. Whatever it may be that helps you relax, do it sometimes! and don’t feel guilty about it!

I hope this brings something helpful to the very busy lives of us working parents. You are doing an amazing job!



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