The perks of being broke.

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My love story: Part 2.


I left off my love story at our wedding! We got married January 15th, 2011. We had a decent sized, low key wedding at our church. I wouldn’t change it for the world. We altered my moms wedding dress and updated it. I loved it.

wedding 13

wedding 08 wedding 05


Our relationship really flourished in our marriage. We were just high school sweethearts and now we were newlyweds! I was 20 and my husband was 21. I do believe in young love! Although it is not for everyone, it can and does happen!

We knew we wanted kids eventually but we did not plan our first. Although we had been married for three years, we were not in careers, living in a one bedroom apartment, the typical newlywed life (which I loved by the way! read this post HERE). But I was pregnant and we got excited! We fell more in love bonding over the fact that we were having a baby and our love continues to grow and change as we raise him and see one another in him.


This was our last date before we had Grady! We wanted to enjoy spontaneity so we spent an entire day out with no plans! It was perfect!


And here we are in labor! This at the beginnning, I was about 7-8cm dilated (I was already 6 when we arrived) things were looking okay and waiting on my epidural! And my mom is to the left feeding my ice chips ;). Little did I know what my labor would entail.. 


This is one of my most favorite pictures ever! He is exhausted (you can tell!) but it is the first picture I have of my two boys! I can’t believe how tiny Grady was!


Here we are on our first trip. This is 2 weeks after I delivered and we were headed to a beach house!

Things are different now. We take trips with a car seat in the back and a usually screaming child (he hates the car to this day!). But our relationship as parents is amazing.


Grady is one month old here! And that is still my favorite outfit he has ever worn!

This picture IS my perfect love story.

Love is ever changing, ever growing. Don’t be afraid of change, it could make for the greatest love story of all time.


What YOU want to see on the blog!

Results are in!!
When I posted the poll about what YOU wanted to see on my blog I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be! When I kept checking the results, my love story and my guilty pleasures were tied neck and neck the entire time!
But then the last two days one just shot up over the other!

What YOU voted for is….

My Love Story!!

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Why I Thought I Didn’t Want A Son.

Hey guys!

I was asked to write a contribution post for an AMAZING community of parents and bloggers, Voice Boks! I can spend way too much time browsing through all of the amazing posts and articles regarding all things parenthood! I was more than happy to send them over a fresh, new post!

Go check it out, you cant read it anywhere else! It comes straight from my heart and I know so many parents can relate to it.

Why I Thought I Didn’t Want A Son. 


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25 Questions!

Welcome to my September challenge! Here are some questions that reveal how odd I truly am!
Enjoy 🙂


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