Looking back at 2014

2014 was one of the hardest, best, quickest years of my life! Yes, I have made a few “new years goals” for 2015 but I really wanted to look back at all of the great things that happened in 2014!


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I had my first true mother’s day.

We saw Mickey Mouse more times that I can count.

Grady took his first steps, and has learned SO many words!

Grady had his first urgent care trip, on my birthday.

My husband and I (high school sweethearts, read our story HERE)had our 9 year “date-iversary” (4yrs of marriage this month!)

My brother in law married the woman of his dreams (also a great auntie to Grady!)

My youngest sister graduated cosmetology school. SO proud of you Liv!

My middle sister got a new job and discovered her dream and is pursuing it this year! SO proud of you Sav!)

My mother in law  BEAT cancer! The biggest victory of 2014 by far. Love you!

My mom has established a career that makes her SO happy and is THRIVING! Love you mom!

I settled into a new work place and have made new friends and a new work “home”.

I have found my passion for helping mothers and their babies and I am pursing it.

I could go on and on. I feel so blessed to have had the year that I did. Thank you for each and every person who was a part of my life and my story in 2014. I have so much love for you all that I cannot express it in words!

Friends, family and everyone in between, I hope you stick with me on this journey this year so we can reminisce again next year!

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Cheers to 2015!




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