Disneyland and best friends forever!

What a lovely morning Grady and I had! I feel so blessed to have had this morning free. He let me sleep until 8! Yes… That is so exciting for me, we usually get up at 7. It was overcast and cool so we threw on our hoodies and headed down to Disneyland!!


He lights up when we are there! We watched the Disney Jr. Show and he just loved it!
Every cast member was so sweet today and showered Grady with high fives and stickers!

IMG_9261.JPG Here we are watching on of the street performances on Beuna Vista street in California Adventure. He LOVES watching them perform!




And the best part of going to Disneyland is the fact that Grady is OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse! He sees him and instantly tries to get out of my arms! Today, Mickey danced with him, walked with him over to the picture spot and gave him plenty of Eskimo kisses! It is the sweetest thing! And no one usually cares that they take a tad longer because it is so darn cute!! I think Mickey and Grady are best friends!

Thank you, Disney, for making our Halloween morning magical!

Now off to paint pumpkins with our little pirate! Pictures coming soon ;)!



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