This is ME. and a challenge for YOU.

When I first heard this song, I was speechless. I was excited that a bug artist did this song and amazing video. I was sad that it had to be said yet happy she said it.

I had to share this with you guys. Self image is such a touchy, yet incredibly important, topic.
So I am just here to send a quick reminder, to you as well as myself, that you don’t need to be perfect.
No one expects you to be perfect except you.  Don’t put those unrealistic expectations on yourself.

I understand the feeling of wanting to become something your are not, wether it’s skinnier or prettier or taller, whatever. And I also understand the feeling you get when you aren’t or can’t accomplishing whatever that something is. And it sucks.
But now that I am a mother, a wife and an influence to others (everyone influences someone!), I have realized that I expect too much of myself. I try too hard to be what the world portrays as “perfect”. So people “like me”. But that’s not really me.

ME is messy hair.

ME is Chapstick instead of lipstick.

ME is clumsy not graceful.

ME is flip flops, not heels.

ME is not a size zero. And this is all OKAY!

It’s also okay to get fancy and throw on some makeup and heels sometimes. My point is don’t do it because you feel like you have to in order for people to “like you”.

This song says it beautifully. Please listen to the words, see the beauty in each woman in this video.
And go take off your make up and see your own beauty as well.

If you will join me on Instagram and Twitter, I would love to see your beautiful faces.

Don’t put on makeup. Don’t spend an hour doing your hair. Don’t stress about what to wear today. Just be you.

Take a selfie, no filter, just your perfect self, and hashtag #thisisME. 

Tag me at:

Instagram @realmomdiary

Twitter @realmomdiaries

I will start by posting a picture of myself and a few things that make me, me.

Start a movement. Influence the ones you love, the ones who look up to you, and even those whom you’ve never met. 


2 thoughts on “This is ME. and a challenge for YOU.

  1. Thanks for sharing… this has always been a HUGE struggle for me… so when I first heard this song and till this day it makes me cry… I to have to contstantly remind myself that its ok to be me. I will join you in this challenge! Thank you for being so transperant and loving! such an encouragement.


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