How to nurse in public.

What is the “proper” way to nurse in public?
Mamas, you whip it out wherever, whenever, and however you need to. Are we clear? Okay good. Onlookers, if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. Simple as that.
Awesome, we are all on the same page now.


This is one of the most controversial topics among moms and just people in general who often don’t even have kids. Nursing in public was something I didn’t know how comfortable I would be doing until I actually had Grady.

Just do it.
I remember we were at target, Grady was only a few days old and I had him in my Moby wrap (see HERE for my favorite carriers!) and Grady was screaming. He was hungry. I knew it and I had to nurse him. So I slid down my wrap (because I was entirely uncoordinated with my carriers that early on, now I can breastfeed in a carrier with my eyes closed) whipped it out and bam, he was quiet and happy.

I truly didn’t care who saw me at that point. I just wanted my son to be taken care of, soothed, fed, comfortable. And that was only going to be accomplished by boob. So that’s what I did. And I’m so glad I did because it gave me the confidence I needed. I am still breastfeeding Grady at 15 months and he can stop whenever he’s ready. I never set a limit on my breastfeeding time, I did set a goal. I wanted to breastfeed for at least a year. If I didn’t breastfeed in public I truly believe I wouldn’t have reached that goal. For me and my baby, it would have been too difficult. Some women can go without nursing in public and if that’s what they are comfortable with, great!

But truly, if you are trying to not offend someone else by nursing in public, please try to get that out of your head! Do what is best for you and your baby, not the onlooker who most likely has never breastfed or doesn’t have children (at least in my experience).

And you moms that are comfortable nursing in public, if you see that mom struggling, send her your encouragement!
“Keep it up girl!” “Thanks for normalizing breastfeeding!” Create a distraction if you need to! Whatever!

Just normalize it! it’s the most natural thing in motherhood.

So on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever it may be, use the hashtag #normalizeit and let’s let everyone know how beautiful breastfeeding really is!



5 thoughts on “How to nurse in public.

  1. Good for you mama! I never felt comfortable enough to nurse without a scarf or blanket, but then again wasn’t very successful at breast-feeding at all… Looking back at it, it was probably the days out and about that made our baby girl give up the boob a lot earlier than I had wanted.


  2. I’m currently nursing my third baby, the other two were nursed for at least a year each. I wish I could get over the “people are watching” feeling. I have however, at least stopped caring in my own back or front yard. Maybe I’ll get there one day! Good for you.


  3. I breastfed in public all the time. I had to. My daughter nursed every 2 hours. I would have never left the house. I set my goal for a year as well. I made it exactly a year and dried up naturally. I would have continued. I was a little embarrassed at first and would drape the shield, but as my daughter got older she did not like it, so I stopped wearing it. My daughter’s nourishment was way more important than my embarrassment or other people’s discomfort. I was once even praised by another woman in a restaurant for doing so.


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