How to Survive Disneyland With a One Year Old!

Hey Guys!

Here are my top tips for surviving Disneyland with a one year old!

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This mom and dad know how to handle Disneyland!

Don’t stress about naps or bedtime. This is so hard for me but this will determine the mood of you’re whole day! If you are stressed you won’t be able to enjoy your day as much as you should!
Bring lots of snacks. Snacks that they can eat on their own in the stroller are the best! Pouch foods are your friend! And anything you know they will eat because you don’t want to spend a bunch of money on an amusement park meal that your toddler refuses to eat!
unnamed (6)
He loves being carried! 
Bring a baby carrier! If your baby is used to being worn in a carrier, throw it in the basket of the stroller just in case they need to be closer to mom or dad. We have had a couple stroller freak outs and the Ergobaby saved me from lugging a one year old around on my hip. Check out my post HERE on my favorite and least favorite baby carriers!
Stay Hydrated! I have a stroller strap that attaches his sippy cup of water to his stroller because he throws it off or misses the tray sometimes and some strollers don’t have trays for them to put things on. I’m got it for a few bucks at babies r us (click HERE). It’s something that keeps Grady entertained and hydrated!
Be prepared park the stroller! Instead of carrying my entire diaper I usually pack up his necessary things into a couple gallon storage bags. Diapers, wipes, clothes in one and snacks in another. I then keep my wallet and other valuables in a purse that I can carry across my shoulder. I also throw one diaper, a one piece outfit, and a small ziploc bag of wipes. I do this so that when I leave the stroller to get on a ride or for a show I only take the purse with me and leave the baggies of diapers and snacks in the stroller. That way IF something gets stolen no biggie, but if you don’t mind carrying the diaper bag then skip this and just bring your normal diaper bag. 🙂
unnamed (4)
Grady rocking out to the parade in his jammies! 
Bring the baby’s pajamas!  If you’re going to be home late or even too close to bedtime, change him into pajamas before you leave. I typically go into one of the baby care centers and I change his diaper, put his jammies on and nurse him (if he will, usually he is too distracted). Disney has done a wonderful job of making planty of resources and clean places available for moms to care for their babies!If Grady falls asleep on the way home then I can transfer him straight to bed instead of waking him up to change him.
Sunscreen up before you leave. And touch up again when you’ve got some down time between shows or while you are stopping to having a meal. I like to have as much done before hand so when we get there we can just get out of the car and go! We are all antsy by the time we get into that parking lot!  My favorite sunscreen is the Babyganics mineral-based sunscreen!
unnamed (1)
Can you tell this kid LOVES the parade?! 
Take pictures! Do capture memories but don’t ignore or miss out on the experiences yourself because you are hiding behind the camera lens, or iPhone. This brings me to my next point.
Be in the moment. Don’t answer your phone if its not an emergency. Don’t check your email. Don’t get sucked into social media. Sure, a tweet here and an Instagram post there is okay (you know I love my Instagram)! But stay present with your family.
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Disneyland has been a part of my life since my own childhood and it is so fun to experience it through my sons eyes. Even though Grady is so young right now and we only do parades and baby rides, it is still a magical experience!
I hope you can experience magic too! 

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