What mom really does during nap time!

Oh glorious nap time! When we have successful naps I feel like a new woman! It is the best feeling to get enough rest at night to not feel like I need to nap when he naps. When this happens I am oh so very productive during nap time…



Here are some of the things I like to do during Grady’s nap time..

Paint my nails. I am currently obsessed with O.P.I Bubble Bath. It is the perfect pale pink!

Sip my coffee. As opposed to chugging it, attempting to wake up while chasing a toddler around way too early in the morning.

Catch up on my TV shows. Big Brother, anyone?

Take a shower. Taking a long shower and being able to get ready without Grady pulling at my legs is so refreshing!

Curl my hair. Usually paired with catching up on TV and sipping my coffee.

Blog. I genuinely LOVE blogging. I just can’t focus enough when Grady is awake! So nap time and bed time are my times to write.

Now, Grady has not always been a decent napper (see HERE, and HERE ) and we still have many bad days. But it has gotten much easier!  And sometimes I do have to be responsible and do laundry and clean. But I try to do that during his time awake so I can recharge while he sleeps! We are both happier that way 🙂

What do you like to do when the baby is napping? 



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6 thoughts on “What mom really does during nap time!

  1. I always find myself doing everything other than sleeping, I mean it should be a given considering we always complaining that we not getting enough sleep. I always reach for the ipad and watch beauty blogs/vlogs on You Tube, its my favourite thing to do when the kids are sleeping. x


  2. I totally can relate to this! Sometimes I feel bad for just zoning out during nap times, but it is so nice to just relax and think about what I would like to do! I love blogging during nap times and watching shows! Ahh, nap times are so wonderful!! I don’t know if people understand the liberating feeling of nap time until they experience it first hand. Love this post! 🙂


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