Super dad!

Just want to shout out to all of he amazing dads out there! Having to work today during nap time (which I usually take care of while my husband works) reminded me how amazing he truly is. IMG_7118.JPG

I was so worried about Grady not taking his nap, because he is one stubborn little man! And when I got that text that he was screaming for his nap my fears and worries overwhelmed me.
But then I received the victory message! He was asleep!
And then I remind myself, I am not the only one that can take care of Grady. Sometimes I place way too much pressure on myself and I don’t ask for help when I need it.
So mamas, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Take up babysitting offers (which I will admit, I’m horrible at!). Trust the daddies!! They are more than capable and when they so have these small victories, it only makes them an even better, more confident dad.


Thank you for being an amazing dad and husband! You da best!


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