10 Wishes I Have For My Son.

Hey guys!
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I wish for my son..
1. To never feel unloved or ignored.
2. To have a healthy self image (this starts with mom and dad!).
3. To love all things Disney.
4. To feel like he is missing out on things, even in hard times.
5. To always have the opportunity to express his self, creatively, with words, through sports, whatever it may be, I want Grady to be able to be Grady.
6. To be a gentlemen and understand the importance of manners and respect. And how far that will take him
in life.
7. To appreciate and understand the importance of family time.
8. To know and love the Lord.
9. To find his true love and never settle.
10. To look back on these blogs and know how much we love him, care for him and wish truly the best for our sweet boy.

What are your wishes for your children?



2 thoughts on “10 Wishes I Have For My Son.

  1. I relate to many of these, especially about my son being a gentlemen. I hope for my son to be a man of integrity and compassion. I hope he knows how to treat a woman tenderly. And I hope he has a great sense of humor! 🙂 oh parenting, it is so interesting to have so many hopes and dreams for a little person, yet in the end, not hold the reins to their life. Thank you for your post!


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