Parent fail #1


As I am continuing this challenge to blog every day in September, I am going to begin a new series, Parent fails!  have had many, many parent fails already and I am only 15 months in. But hey, that’s what being a mom is all about, right?20140904-125835-46715549.jpg



Parent Fail #1

First birthdays are so much fun, right? The one year old is usually grumpy, overtired and overwhelmed. The mom is usually stressing over how perfect the party must be and if the food is getting eaten. So much fun. Well, luckily Grady put on his game face. He was fantastic! Until I failed. Big time. We were getting ready for him to have his birthday cake, and me in all of my clumsy glory, holding Grady on my hip, turned the corner and bam! I had hit his head into the corner of the wall so hard. He was screaming, I was holding back tears, everyone saw it. Luckily, cake fixes everything.

Share your parent fails in the comments below! I would love to read them! 

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4 thoughts on “Parent fail #1

  1. “Um, my son’s entire 1st bday was a fail! Screaming baby, stressed mom, bored guests, overpriced decorations. However, the lesson we learned from this experience as a family is incredibly wonderful – – – keep it simple, keep it small, and keep it easy. We will have stress-free bdays in the future!”


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