Our (imperfect) Routine

Hey guys!

So when I became pregnant i started following so many mommy blogs and Youtube channels. It helped me gain confidence as a new mom and when I had questions or needed advice, I would often search for it there. It helped to read others struggles and triumphs.

However, in the beginning of my motherhood journey, I constantly compared myself to the moms and babies that I knew around me. I would stress about Grady’s nap schedule not being as good as their nap schedule or how Grady still wakes up 6 times a night but their child sleeps through the night. Things that I now realize are completely ridiculous. But somehow the internet world of moms and babies were more real. More difficult babies existed than in my “real world”. More children didn’t sleep through the night. More moms haven’t lost their baby weight. More babies did not take naps. I could finally relate without the guilt of not being “perfect”. 

So as I lay out our very imperfect family routine, please don’t compare yourself or your baby to mine. My hope is that it gives you something new to try if you are having trouble, or that you can offer something to me that works well for you!




7am: This is our goal for Grady’s wake up time. However, it varies from 6-7am. And whenever I am supposed to be somewhere early, he sleeps until 8. Go figure. He wakes up, I change his diaper and nurse him if he will take it. 

8am: Grady is transitioning into whole milk now that he has begun to self-wean (I will do a separate post on that!). He usually gets oatmeal, 4-6oz of organic whole milk and we share a banana. I try to eat something at this point too but he usually wants me to feed him once he gets bored so I at least have my coffee and some banana. 

9am: This is what I count down to from the moment he wakes up.. just being honest here! NAP TIME! I usually catch him rubbing his eyes or getting extra clingy and whiny. We go into his room, turn on his white noise (he doesn’t sleep without it yet) and he usually screams because he knows its nap-time. We sit in the chair and I offer to nurse him. Usually he takes it and sometimes he refuses. If he nurses long enough to fall asleep, I take him off the breast and he wakes up as I lay him in his crib. If he wasn’t falling asleep, he usually throws a fit when I stand up and put him in his crib, but for the most part now, he will calm down, grab his sheep stuffed animal and go to sleep. Don’t think this came easy, we fought and still fight for his naps on a weekly basis. He has never been a good sleeper. My goal is to have him asleep before 915am. 

9-1030am: This is my time. I usually do laundry, eat breakfast, clean up a bit and then relax and either take a short nap or catch up on some of my guilty pleasure tv shows. I try to be productive but getting home from work at midnight paired with a baby who still wakes up at night leaves me pretty wiped out come nap time.

11am: This is the goal for nap time to end. Although it is getting shorter as he is getting ready to drop this first nap. He wakes up, I change his diaper and offer him the boob. He gets a snack and milk if he wants it and we play until lunch time. 

12pm: Lunch time! We have an extremely picky eater on our hands so lunch is interesting. But i try to get him to eat a balanced lunch and drink a bit of milk. He drinks water throughout the day as well, it is his favorite! 

2pm: Nap time again! I try to start settling him down around 140 so he can be asleep by 2. I don’t want his naps to run late because it will interfere with bedtime. 

330pm: This nap typically lasts until 3-330. Again I change his diaper, let him nurse if he wants and then I will offer him a snack while I get ready for work on weekdays. 

440pm: My husband gets home, hops in the shower and then I leave for work once he is done. 

6pm: Dinner time! 

630pm: Bath time! He loves his bath time and then we brush his teeth once he is out and wrapped in his towel. He gets rubbed down with Aveeno baby lotion, a fresh diaper and footed pajamas! If he is teething we give him a couple of hylands teething tablets and if it is really bad we will give him a dose of dye free pain reliever such as the Little Remedies brand. 

7pm: When I am at work my husband gives him a bottle (he drinks a couple ounces) and lets him wind down and he is in bed at 730. However, lately he screams his head off for hours and fights bedtime. When I am home we say night night to dada and then go into his room to nurse. He will almost always nurse at night before bed. There is usually less of a fight on the couple days I am home, but that is never certain. 

Night wakings: Yes. my 13 1/2 month old still wakes at night. It is normal. It sucks, but it is normal. He typically wakes up anytime between 12-2am and on bad nights he wakes again around 4 (those are the hard nights!). I usually go into his room, nurse him and lay him back down. They usually go pretty smooth and are pretty quick. Although we went through a couple of rough months where he was up for hours in the middle of the night, that is thankfully done for now. fingers crossed

And then we start all over again! See? Very imperfect. Naps go wrong multiple times a week, bedtime sucks multiple nights a week, meal times are difficult. But its okay! This is just what we shoot for but if we need to go out we do. If we need to stay up a bit later, we do. I try my best to not let this routine run my life, while still giving Grady consistency and security. 

This wont work for every baby, heck it doesn’t always work for Grady! But i do hope it offers something to someone. 

YOU are a great mom! 




Let me know what you are thinking!

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