Things have changed.

Becoming a mom has been the greatest gift! But every mama knows there are things that have changed that we miss!


Freedom to do whatever you want WHENEVER you want. I do miss being able to run to get coffee sans baby, then to whatever store I want to for hours on end with no schedule to follow.
Spontaneity. The only spontaneous things that happen as a mom are a diaper blow out or a spit up down your back.
Sleep. and more importantly sleeping in! We definitely did not luck out with a good sleeper.
Caffeine. As a breastfeeding mom my caffeine intake is extremely minimal. Somedays I wish I could shoot it straight into my veins, but it makes my baby turn into an energizer bunny, except one that cries and farts as it keeps going and going and going.
My pre breastfeeding boobs. Oh how I miss thee. But hey, my baby is healthy as a horse and I wouldn’t give up breastfeeding for anything!
Bikinis. I never thought I would miss this! I have never been comfortable in a bikini but now that I have stretch marks from hip to hip you won’t catch me in anything but a one piece. Hail to those whole lucked out with no mama marks, wear those bikinis proud!
I could go on, but these things are not important.
Do you want to know what I don’t miss?
The feeling of always wondering how life would be as a mom.
The baby shaped hole in my heart that I ached to fill someday (although earlier than planned!).
And so much more. But I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I would not trade parenthood for anything! It is the best adventure of our lives and it is ever changing. Someday I will miss the toys covering my living room floor and the clingy baby that is attached at my hip (funny, I thought we cut the umbilical cord?).
I daily remind myself to not take these moments for granted and to laugh when things get sticky.
What do you miss and what do you love about being a mom/dad?



Let me know what you are thinking!

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