This is the life!


The other day as my husband is sitting on the floor of our tiny bathroom of our one bedroom apartment and I am standing over him, helping him buzz his head (he refuses to go get his hair buzzed by a professional, and I don’t mind!), we just started laughing. It was a moment of joy, laughter and pure bliss in our marriage. The scene was so ridiculous and funny that we couldn’t help but laugh! We could hear our son in the next room (safely in his exercise jumper!) babbling to himself and then my husband said “this is the life!”.
And it truly is. A husband and son who are healthy and loving, an apartment-although it’s tiny- full of memories, a warm bed, a roof, food in the kitchen, I could go on! Our life is beautiful. It is not about big houses, fancy cars or money.
Seeing my son grow, being able to talk with my husband, studying something I love, that is what brings fulfillment and joy to our life! It can be hard watching others move forward, getting homes, high paying careers, fancy cars. But I have to take myself back to that moment, and so many other moments, that bring me so much joy and remind me that this really is the life!



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