My favorite (and least favorite) baby carriers.

I am a baby wearing mama! I have tried many baby carriers both inexpensive and high end. Baby wearing has saved my sanity with a colicky, high needs infant and a now clingy almost-toddler. It gave him the sense of security that he desired and me the free hands that I needed!

What I look for in a baby carrier:
Good leg and hip support for baby.
I am a firm believer against wearing baby facing forward. It is impossible to support their hips and it is a very unnatural position for them to be in. Look for a baby carrier that offers support from knee to knee on baby, putting their legs in a froggy position.

Easy to put on/take off.
This is simple, how quick and easy can I put this on with a screaming baby.

Ability to nurse baby while wearing him.
This has saved me! All breastfeeding moms should learn how to nurse in their baby carrier! It offers more privacy and it is so convenient! Youtube is so helpful for this!

Here are my pros and cons for each baby carrier I have tried! I forgot to snap pictures in each one, I’m sorry!!
I also linked each one so you can purchase if you desire.
(full disclosure, I get no compensation for your purchases.)

The Moby Wrap
This was my saving grace when Grady was a new born. I used this every single day until he got too heavy for it! As a certified lactation educator, I recommend to my clients and friends with babies, struggling with breastfeeding/low supply or not, to wear their baby in the Moby without a shirt and with baby in just a diaper as much as possible for at least 24 hours. The benefits of skin to skin are remarkable, breastfeeding or not! If you can get the dads to do this, it is incredible bonding timing for them!
I would tie the wrap on at home so I didn’t have to worry about tying it on in the parking lot.
-Can be used with an infant.
-Keeps baby close and snugly.
-Very secure (when wrapped correctly).
-Great for skin to skin for newborns.
-Easy to wash and care for.
-Learning curve, it takes a few times to get the wrapping down.
-Can be pretty warm.
-Not easy to use through toddler years. Even though it states it can be use up to 35 pounds, I found that it started to sag and was hard to get a good, tight wrap as he got bigger.
Over all I adore this wrap and I pass it around to all of my new mommy friends!

The Infantino Mei Tai
We used this soft carrier after the Moby wrap. I love this one! It still ties on but has less of a learning curve than the Moby wrap.

-Easy to use.
-Supports baby well.
-Very affordable.
-Durable (mine was already worn and it lasted us months of everyday wear and now a friend is using it with her new baby and it’s still in great condition! )
-Only one design (as far as I am aware of).
Honestly, this is an amazing carrier if you want something soft structured but without the worries of a full wrap.

Neobulle Ring Sling

This is such a beautiful way to wear your baby! This particular ring sling is made from the same material a woven wrap is made of and it is extremely soft and supportive. I have tried the Sakura Bloom Ring Sling in their single layer linen fabric and it simply was not supportive enough for my 16 pounder. They do offer a more supportive satin, and double layered slings that I have not tried. I would not trade my Neobulle for anything!
-Easy to store in diaper bag.
-Quick to put on and take off (once you get comfortable adjusting the rails).
-The woven fabric is very supportive.
-Can be used from newborn to toddler.
-Hip carry is easy and great for babies who like to look around.
-The tail of fabric makes a great nursing cover.
-Definite learning curve. You must get the adjustment down and placement of the rails (the sides of the fabric) down in order to get a secure hold. It is easy once you get it!
-Often misused, putting babies at risk. Please read all safety instructions thoroughly! I can’t stress that enough for every baby carrier!

The Ergobaby

I. Am. In. Love.
A friend let me borrow this to use with Grady and I am head over heels in love with it! I never thought a soft structured buckle carrier would be for me but it is! We absolutely love the back carry, and the good ol’ front carry is comfortable too! A trick I learned is to keep the shoulder straps loosened so it is easy to buckle that strap that goes across the top of your back. If the shoulder straps are tightened, I can’t reach that middle strap!
-Offers amazing hip support for baby.
-Easy to take off and on.
-Dad friendly! (Because my husband wouldn’t be caught dead in my beautiful ring sling!)
-Back carry!
-Comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. I wore him in my back for two hours in IKEA then flipped him around onto the front for a while and had no problems!
-Takes a lot of space, I’m used to my soft fabric carriers just folding up!
-Requires an infant insert for newborns (I have never used but have heard it is bulky and gets warm).

I have also tried the baby Björn and the Infantino Flip carrier. Both of which I will never recommend. They simply offer no hip support for baby and encourage parents to wear baby facing forward, both of which can lead to hip dysplasia. Here is a great blog about what it is and how to avoid it.

Hope this helps you choose your baby carrier!
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