Our battle with eczema.

Eczema in babies is very common. Many babies outgrow it by adulthood, however many do not. Grady has suffered from this since his first couple weeks of life. Luckily I have now found a routine that works for us and keeps his flare ups to a minimum! If your baby (or yourself!) suffer from eczema, keep reading!

When Grady would have an eczema flare up, which up until month 6 was pretty much all of the time, he would be itchy, extremely red and dry. I felt absolutely horrible! At one point his entire body was covered in red splotches. We had been to the doctor a few times and they prescribed a steroid cream which is something I was not comfortable with and didn’t use often, I did use a tiny bit on the very worst spots a few times. Even with the cream, he was uncomfortable and it kept getting worse and coming back!
It was on his arms and elbows, knees, ankles, legs, cheeks, back, and the worst of it was on his scalp.
Now, at 9 months, we have kept it under control (with some minor flare ups) by doing the following:

1. Limit bath time. This is hard because many babies enjoy a nice bubble bath before bedtime. We couldn’t (and still don’t) do this. It is recommended to still bathe baby at least every other day but do not use any bubble bath, Epsom salts, or anything else in the water besides oatmeal, I will explain later! Limit baths to no longer than 10 minutes.

2. Oatmeal baths. Oatmeal helps heal the skin and soothe the itchy, dry patches. Aveeno Baby makes an oatmeal bath that I love. You can also make your own! I use this about two times a week and every bath time during a flare up.

3. COCONUT OIL! If you know me or follow my blog you will know my obsession with coconut oil. It is God’s gift to our bodies! I rub Grady down in coconut oil right after bath time, before bedtime and whenever I think about it in between!

4. Fragrance and dye free everything. I made the switch to fragrance free, dye free detergent for not only Grady’s clothes but mine, my husbands, and every other load of laundry we do. I only steam clean my carpets with vinegar, not the carpet shampoo. I use Aveeno fragrance free body wash and lotion on both me and baby. I don’t wear perfume or anything scented. It seems overboard but it helps.
Note: I don’t worry about my husbands products, or others because the majority of his exposure is from me and I am already a paranoid mom with a lot of “rules and precautions” ,as they say, so this is one I don’t worry about.

5. Breastfeeding moms: check your diet.For us it turned out to be more environmental triggers rather than foods I consumed that made him flare up. However, one major cause of eczema is a food intolerance in a breastfed baby. The number one foods are dairy and gluten. You can try eliminating every single product with even the traces amounts for at least two weeks to check for improvent. It is called an elimination diet. Here is a link to a story of a mom who had much success with this type of diet. This is very difficult to do but it may be necessary for you!

6. Time may help. It is still a struggle but I can say that Grady is beginning to grow out of this. Some babies will not, but my hope is these tips help!

What helped you battle eczema in your baby or yourself?



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