Week recap in pictures!

I love Instagram. In fact I love social media but Instagram is by far my favorite.

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I love taking pictures and now I take way way too many of my little boy. Wait, that is not possible!
So, since I usually take at least one a day I thought I would share! So here is my week in pictures!

I could stare into those puppy dog eyes forever!

This is mid conversation with my little man! He loves to talk and he started to say dada this week! He is showing off his two teeth!

How did I forget to take a picture on Wednesday??

Sometimes Grady takes forever to eat! Breastfeeding is the best decision I’ve made in motherhood but it is also the hardest thing I’ve done! We were late to a play date due to some lazy nursing!

A friend let me borrow her Ergobaby carrier and we love it! I threw Grady on my back and we were able to do a load of laundry and go for a nice walk while we waited for the laundry to finish! He loves being able to see the world.

Grady’s first trip to IKEA! I wore him on my back in the Ergobaby for most of the day and then flipped him around for a nap and he was loving it! We got to spend time with my amazing mother in law! Shoot. I will include an extra picture for Saturday….

This is at lunch! He just adores her, as does she adore him!

And the best day of the week! Sundays are my family days and I cherish them. Grady was out cold from nursing after a very short nap in his crib. Even when I laid him down on the couch he was fast asleep and this never happens… Check out my post on our past sleep struggles here. I cherished this sight so much!

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