Baby must haves!

Hey guys!
I love “must have” posts! Here are a few of my favorite products for baby!


  1. The Nose Frida-snot sucker. This little thing has been my life saver! Read my previous post here.
    2. Aveeno Baby oatmeal bath.. I have used this for Grady since the very beginning! It makes his bath water soft and soothing and allows him to actually soak! Without this his baths are extremely quick due to his eczema.
    3.Hyland’s Teething Tablets. These all natural tablets have been lifesaver. We use them before naps and bedtime on rough teething days! They also have cold tablets and colic tablets (I have not tried them but I love these ones!).
  2. Waxelene. This stuff is amazing for both mom and baby! It is an all natural petroleum alternative. I use it on baby for diaper rashes. I also used it for his cradle cap and spots of eczema that were stubborn! For myself I use it on my lips to moisturize! It’s great for dry, chapped skin. They sell it at Sprouts and Bed Bath and Beyond.
    5.Little Remedies “for fevers”. This is my alternative to a normal infant tylenol. Grady had a bad reaction to the dyes that are in infant tylenol and I swore he would never have it again! I have given this to him a couple times on really hard teething nights (My first resort is the teething tablets).
    6.Seventh Generation Baby Wipes. These are my absolute FAVORITE wipe. They are thick and chemical/dye free. I am always on the hunt for fragrance free products for Grady that I actually like and this tops my list! The best disposable wipe I have ever tried.
  3. Coconut Oil. my beloved coconut oil. I’m obsessed. See my rave on my beauty must haves post here.

What are your baby must haves?


Let me know what you are thinking!

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