Things I’ve learned.

Motherhood has taught me many many things. I have grown as a woman and as a wife since finding out we were expecting our son. It has been an adventure, in the best way possible!

Getting dressed makes a difference. After my delivery and my body being displayed in all of its glory, my confidence was gone. My tummy was not the same, I still had a bump, I was pale for what felt like weeks, and I hadn’t showered in days. But when I was able to shower, brush my hair and teeth and throw on some clean clothes that weren’t pajamas, it made all the difference. So mamas, get dressed!

Fresh air is natures anti-depressant. at least for me. I was home every night just me and the baby while my husband worked evenings. I can’t deny that it was very difficult and my hormones wanted to pull me down. I had read so much before hand that I was afraid of postpartum depression and very aware of the signs. I battled those emotions (well, some of them got the better of me at times!) by getting out. I would go for coffee and walk around the shopping center, go to my moms house for dinner, anything to change my surroundings. Plus it gave me the chance to wear Grady in my wrap which always guaranteed a nap and a calm baby. That brings me to my next point.

This is a Neobulle ring sling . I love it!

Babywearing is absolutely necessary. I say this not only because my wrap carrier saved my sanity (and still does!) but because the benefits to wearing your baby scientifically proven. I had an extremely fussy baby. He had reflux, he had tummy issues, allergies, eczema, etc. etc. it was a hard 6 months dealing with these issues and we still battle them most of the time. Without baby wearing, all of these issues would have been complexity overwhelming. Wearing him allowed me to nurse on demand discreetly whenever and wherever I needed too, which was every 45-1 hour for the first 4 months of his life, and still a few days a week. It also helped with the reflux because he was upright during the feed. The skin to skin contact helped his overall fussiness as well and helped him nap! Go get a carrier! Preferably a wrap style or MaiTai that keeps baby close! And youtube is your friend for how-to videos!

Home cooked meals are golden. This is simple. If you know someone who just had a baby, make them a meal, bring it to them, don’t linger or overstay your welcome. If you’re really awesome, bring them dessert and a meal to throw in the freezer.

There are so many things that this list could go on forever! Motherhood is amazing and I love sharing with you all.
I would love to hear what you’ve learned! Don’t be afraid to comment!


Let me know what you are thinking!

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