My career (besides motherhood!)

Hey guys!
I was hiding from my blog for a couple of months and that was partially due to how busy I was (and still am!).
Breastfeeding was and still is the best decision I have made as a mother.

I never expected the bond it would create with my son and the confidence it would give me in motherhood. Yes it is hard, extremely hard at times. And I understand that many moms choose not to, or simply cannot breastfeed.
But I am blessed.

This was right after his first nursing session!

I am so passionate about helping other moms learn how to breastfeed and guide them through the difficult times! So I decided to go back to school!
It’s crazy, fun, exhausting and worth it!
I am em route to becoming a certified Lactation Consultant!
Yes… I get to work with babies all day at work. ALL DAY LONG! (I love babies.. Can you tell?)
What an amazing opportunity to share my knowledge and passion!

I will be starting my own breastfeeding support group in my area very shortly. I will be certified to run such a group and I cannot wait to cultivate a community, a sisterhood of moms seeking advice, comfort and love from one another! And mamas who are not breastfeeding are more than welcome to join us too!
More details will be coming soon so make sure you subscribe to the blog so you get email updates!



Let me know what you are thinking!

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