Been there done that… Not.

As a first time mom I am so full of questions! I feel lost in a whirlpool of information sometimes and I don’t know which piece of advice to follow! Google is my best friend and my worst nightmare. When Grady is having a rough night I find myself sitting up with a fussy baby googling “why won’t my baby sleep?” Or “Is it bad to nurse baby to sleep?”. Today I used google and it both scared me and helped me. This morning Grady woke up with a horrible rash on both cheeks (doctor says the cradle cap spreads to his face) and cradle cap that was out of control. I mean inflamed, crusty, sore, just overall awful little dinosaur scalp! His eczema also flared up in a few spots on his body. We have been fighting this for months now! In hopes to find answers I scoured the internet, posted a picture on social media and just kept on reading as much as possible.
Much to my surprise I had comments with advice almost instantly! I was so thankful to hear from mommies who have been there before!
The internet is full of all kinds of moms who are all different types of parents. Some follow cry it out, some co sleep. Some choose not to breastfeed, some nurse their toddlers. Some have easy babies, some have colicky babies.
Not one type of mother or child or parenting style is better than the other. Each is unique and each has something, in my opinion, to offer to every mom.
I love that no matter how different we all are as mommies we all have one thing in common, we love and want the best for our babies!
So readers, my comment section is always open for questions, advice or just stories to remind us that we are all in this together!


Let me know what you are thinking!

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