Four month update!

Hey guys! So sorry I have not blogged in a while! Grady has been on a sleep strike, I’ve been working a lot and Grady has been very clingy when I am home from work! I do love how happy he is to see me when I get home though!
Grady is officially 4 months old!
I’m actually a few days late on posting this! So here is his update!

Click here to read Grady’s three month update!
We just had his four month check up! He weighs in at 15 pounds and 6 ounces and 24 1/2 inches long! He is normal for his age. His head however measured in at 17 1/4 inches around which puts him in the 95th percentile. I’ve got one big brained baby! He is really looking like a little boy and not like a newborn. Makes me sad but excited to see him keep on growing!

Oh boy, since I returned to work a month ago Grady’s sleep and routine went out the window. My days at work are inconsistent and they begin at 430 am, which means I have to get up to feed Grady at 330am. My first week back was the week after we all got over colds. This was the beginning of his sleep regression. He was up every three hours, then every two and last week every single hour. I could not get him down unless I nursed him. My husband could but he is usually at work while I am trying to soothe the baby back to sleep! I swear he smells the milk and can’t resist! So I got into the horrible habit of nursing him each time he woke because I knew I could catch 45 minutes of sleep here and there and I was desperate since I had to work the following morning. Once he did two nights of waking every hour is was done and desperate. I decided to try letting him cry it out again (checking on him at increasing intervals). It broke my heart and initially I hated myself and blamed myself for his being upset. I swore I was ruining him and just sat upset listening to the agonizing half hour of him screaming. But I got through night one and saw improvement immediately. I will post more on this later! Let’s say right now our bedtime routine is nurse, change diaper and into pajamas, rock while we read and then into bed with a goodnight kiss. Once we master nights we will tackle days. I will keep you posted!

Grady is still exclusively breastfed and I still plan to nurse him for a full year. We just decided to go with baby led weaning at 6 months. I am very excited about this!

Grady is still wearing 3-6 months in most clothes. Although I have some 9 month onesies that he can wear! The sizes vary so much! He is still in a size 2 diaper. I think he may be ready for a size 3 soon! He is very long and lean so he outgrows the length before he gets too chunky for anything right now.

Doctors Visits

Here he is at his four month check up!
Grady struggles with very sensitive skin. He has terrible cradle cap we have been battling for a while now. I have been covering it in coconut oil then Vaseline over night. It seems to be helping, we will see! Between that and the eczema my little man can have quite the skin flare ups! We give him oatmeal baths with the baby Aveeno bath treatment and that always seems to help when he flares up and gets the red dry patches. We also decided to do a few of the vaccinations at this visit. We broke them up and are doing it on a different schedule than they usually do. I will do a more detailed post on that soon. Other than his normal visit we have not had to go in for anything else!


Grady rolls over from belly to back!
This is him right before he decided to roll over! He also loves rolling onto his side and cuddling with a blanket.
He is grabbing at things and getting really good at it!
He loves this crinkle giraffe stuffed animal and his Sophie the Giraffe toy.
He is teething!
Eek! The doctor confirmed this at his check up. I am surprised they start this young!

He is getting so big so fast! I love watching him grow but do miss those newborn days that I took for granted! Slow down baby Grady!


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