Accidental pump and dump.

I sit in our back room with one of Grady’s big swaddle blankets tied around my neck to cover as I use my mechanical baby (aka my breast pump).

(Ignore the horrible quality, I took this pumping selfie with my phone way too early in the morning)

I had worked many early shifts in a row and was utterly exhausted between that and getting up with Grady at night.
But I continued to hook up to the machine and start working on some computer tasks that need to get done. It was a couple minutes before I realized there were two bottle sitting in front of me. Then I realized my lap was wet.
I forgot to hook the actual bottle to my pump to collect the milk!
I was sad, embarrassed and stricken with laughter all at the same time! I’m glad I caught it before I lost too much liquid gold though!

Do you have any funny mishaps with pumping or nursing?


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