New must have!


Ok this little miracle product is absolutely disgusting. But you must go buy it. Right now.

It is called the Nosefrida Snotsucker. Disgusting, I know. But after many sleepless nights of Grady waking up from congestion, torture from the bulb syringe and trouble nursing I was desperate. I had many friends tell me this was amazing and so I decided to go and buy it myself.
It has a little plastic tune that you place against the baby’s nose and it is attached to a tube that goes in your mouth. There is a filter so you don’t get anything from your baby’s nose into your mouth. You suck in short spurts and literally hear and see your baby’s little sniffer getting cleared out.
Once I actually did it I wasn’t grossed out at all. It comes no where near the mouth piece and there is a filter just in case!
Don’t wait to buy this! Get it now so you have it on hand the next time your little one gets stuffy!


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