Dear Grady.


Dear Grady,
Where do I start? You are the most amazing little boy. Your daddy and I were surprised when we found out you were on your way but we wouldn’t change it for a second!
You have taught me so much already and you inspire me to be a better person each day. I pray over you and for you multiple times everyday. Even though you don’t sleep sometimes, or you scream your cute little heart out, I can never stop loving you. And get this, your daddy had never changed a diaper before you were born, now he changes you all the time!

I know we don’t have much baby boy, but we give you our everything. Our home is small but I love that you are an arms reach away. I remember laying in my bed watching you sleep through the slats in your crib for the first 6 weeks of your life. I remember your little umbilical cord falling off (and being no where to be found) when you were exactly a week old. As much as I treasure the moments of you as a tiny newborn, each day you grow up and learn new things that make me love you even more.
I love your new giggle. I love your sweet lips. I want to kiss your cheeks a thousand times a day. And I miss you like crazy when I’m gone.
Right now you are my sweet baby boy, soon enough you will be my wild little toddler getting into frogs, snails and puppy dog tails. And someday you will be a man marrying the women of your dreams and raising a family of your own.
I promise, as your mommy, to do my very best to teach and guide you the best way I know how. I pray you grow up to know The Lord and love him with all of your heart. I am the luckiest mommy in the world to have such an amazing little boy like you. When you are older I hope you can look back on this letter and see how my love for you grows each day.
I love watching you grow and yes, I will kiss your cheeks for the rest of your life.



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