An ode to mothers of twins.

Two babies means double everything, except the amount if sleep you get. And when they are the same age it seems even harder! How do mothers of twins do it?!
The reason this comes to mind is from a recent experience with a friend of mine. Her son is a month older than mine and we decided to pack up my three door Chevy and trek through a giant outlet mall with two needy babies. Ya, we are crazy.

Once we got two car seats, two strollers, two diaper bags, two infant carriers two babies and two mommies loaded in the truck we had to crawl over everything to get buckled in before we hit the road. That was an adventure in itself.
Our babies are exactly alike. They scream in the car and are hard to calm down so we thought, ” hey, one of us will ride in the back to keep them calm!” Brilliant right? Wrong. Yes she calmed them some times for a few seconds at a time but when the boys were playing “who can scream the loudest” seeing us made it worse. At one point we were simultaneously singing the ABC’s so loud in attempts to quite the boys.
Outings with breastfeeding moms take twice as long. We first had to find the nearest Starbucks in this huge mall, wait in line with two strollers and fussy babies to get water and then we sat and nursed our babies. We don’t mind, in fact breastfeeding is the most amazing thing! But then once our babies are fat, full and happy, we are starving! So next stop is the food court. Then our babies are poopy so it’s off to the changing station. We might as well go potty too since we are already there right?
So we take turns watching the babies as we go in to the crazy crowded bathroom with those awful hand driers that make both of our kids scream like we cut their toe off.
Finally we made it to the one store we came for (after multiple stops at baby stores on the way over, priorities change) and the babies are hungry again.
So out come the nursing covers and we shop while we nurse. I’m sure we scared away many employees who were supposed to offer us help.
Once we finally accomplished the one goal we had from the beginning, it’s off to the car and time to load up and head home!
So we load all of our stuff, two strollers, two car seats, two diaper bags, and on top of what we started with we now have a couple shopping bags to hurdle over.
It was a long ride home so we sat and nursed once more to top them off in hopes that they would fall asleep and we could have some girl chat on the drive home.
Phew. Two babies is crazy. And we had two mommies also! So to all mothers of twins, great job. We do not know how you do it.


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