3 month update!

Hey guys! So sorry for not posting in a few days! The whole family came down with a terrible cold! Baby G’s first one! Anyway, I want to do monthly updates from now on to share with you where baby G is at and also for my own personal record! Here we go!

First off, let’s start using my son’s actual name, as typing baby G is getting a little old.

20130928-161134.jpg (took a picture of the picture on my camera, had to get this post up quick!)
Grady turned 3 months old yesterday (Friday the 27th)! Boy time flies by so fast!
Last time we weighed Grady was at an impromptu doctors visit for his eczema. He was 11 weeks old and weighed 13 pounds 4 ounces, but I think he’s grown since then! His thighs are really filling out! His height is always at the top of the percentile, he thanks his daddy for that one! Last visit he was 23 3/4 inches long! He outgrows his clothes lengthwise!
Our routine is simple and flexible. Actually the day is not much of a routine because his attitude is constantly changing! On a typical day we get up at 7am and I nurse Grady. He is happiest in the morning so he lays next to me while I eat my breakfast. I always try to put him down for a nap about an hour after he wakes up, he seems to go down easy if I don’t push it later. This nap is usually only 40 minutes or so, actually all of his naps are! After that I try to follow a three hour “eat wake sleep” cycle. Nurse/wake time for an hour to an hour and a half and attempt a nap after that until his next cycle. We often end up in “eat wake sleep wake”.
Grady is such a good nighttime sleeper for the most part. This last week was horrible but I think it was the combo of a growth spurt and a cold. Before this interruption he slept from 8 pm unt usually 4-445am and would nurse and go right back down until 7! I am ready for that again! Naps are always a fight. Go read my babywise dropout post to hear more. Grady takes multiple shorter naps instead of a few long ones. I try my best to keep a consistent timing for naps as well as routine. The doctor says it’s completely normal for him to take short naps and that shouldn’t last forever so we will see! I’m blessed with nighttime sleep to make up for it.
Grady is still exclusively Breastfed and I am planning on nursing him for a full year. We are excited to start solids in a few months though!
Grady is in 3 month clothes, some are 0-3 and some are 3-6. The 0-3 are getting too small in the length and 3-6 are huge around everything else! We love Carter’s brand. They are the truest to size so far and long enough for my tall baby! He is officially in a size 2 diaper! Yes I cried a little when I made the switch! I love the Huggies pure and natural diapers because they are fragrance free and Grady has extremely sensitive skin, however we have been using pampers swaddlers and Huggies sure fits because they were shower gifts. I do love the fit of the pampers though!
Doctors Visits
Grady had to go in to see his pediatrician because he had a small rash on his elbows! Turns out It was just eczema. The doctor also prescribed a cream for his poor little head because he has cradle cap. I prefer using natural remedies if possible so instead of a cream for his eczema we have been using oatmeal baths a couple times a week and coconut oil a couple times a day. It has improved! I also use coconut oil for his cradle cap and wash with a gentle shampoo while his hair is dry. I use the cream every few days and it has improved quite a bit! He has very sensitive skin!
Holding his head up!

He doesn’t have full control but he is getting so strong!

20130928-161416.jpg Technically “sleeping through” the night.
Doctors say 6 hour stretches is considered sleeping through the night at this age!
Giggles and cooing!This has been the cutest and best thing this month!
Grady is a very smiley, very talkative baby! Time is flying by and we are loving every second of it!


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