Adventures in Breastfeeding

I absolutely love nursing my baby boy! It is the best decision I have made so far and is so thankful I stuck it out through the rough times!

After baby G was born he latched right away. They put him on my chest and let him find the breast all on his own! It was the most amazing thing to experience. However, he sucked in his bottom lip which did cause some pain and difficulty getting a good latch the first few days. Our first night home he wanted to eat every 30-45 minutes. It was a nightmare! We ended up sleeping(for the lack of a better term) in our rocking chair. I cried as much as he did! That was the worst of it and it gets better each day. Overall I was very lucky.
I understand some women have a very hard time establishing a good breastfeeding routine with their babies and it doesn’t always work for some women. Some women physically cannot breastfeed and that’s ok! But if you are able to I would encourage you to try your best and stick it out for the first few weeks. It is awkward, painful and uncomfortable at first and your hormones may get the best of you while nursing! But now I’m nursing as I type this blog! And I am comfortable nursing in public whenever I need to. I am still figuring out a schedule for pumping when I return to work (any tips on that would be great) but overall baby G and I love it!
And moms that can’t nurse or choose not to, you are amazing too! I don’t know how you manage a new baby, lugging around formula, and heating and preparing bottles for a screaming baby! Sometimes I can barley manage to un clip my super annoying nursing bra with a screaming baby in my lap.
Here are some things that I’ve found make nursing easier:
A nursing pillow
I relied on it in the beginning! Now it helps me be hands free and allows me to eat (or blog) while nursing at home.
Camisole tank tops
I wear one under everything. I couldn’t afford to buy a few nursing tank tops so I improvised! These tanks are easy to pull down and then I lift my other top up which gives me good coverage both for my tummy and my top.
A Big Swaddle Blanket
A friend of mine showed me a trick with these amazing blankets! Tie two corners together at the end and it makes a great nursing cover. They are light weight and give a lot of coverage if you prefer to use a cover when out and about.
Water and snacks!
I get so hungry and thirsty when I am nursing! My husband was amazing during the first few weeks when I felt like I was glued to the couch with a baby permanently attached to my boob. He went grocery shopping for healthy foods and even when and cut and packaged up fruits and vegetables for me to snack on. He would make me sandwiches so I could just grab them and eat while I nursed. And he always made sure my water was full when he was home. He had to return to work when Grady was just a few days old so this was a huge help! Ask for help if you need it!

I plan to breastfeed for the full year. Seeing my chunky baby boy grow and grow makes my heart happy knowing I provided the nutrition for those rolls! And the same goes for formula fed babies! Our next adventure will be solids in a few months, stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Breastfeeding

  1. I’m so proud of you Brittany!!! BF’ing Ainsley & Allie was the most difficult but most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Going back to work is dfficult, but you’ll find your routine & settle into it with pumping. Huge kuddos to you!!!


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