Postpartum Must Haves

Ok here is the warning:
If you are a man you want to stop reading right here.
If you are pregnant, I encourage you to read this but don’t freak out.
And if you have already had children, please comment and let us know your tips and tricks for getting through the first few weeks after delivery!

The healing process after a vaginal delivery is interesting. I am thankful to have had women who told me the honest truth about what to expect after delivery. Here are the things that saved my butt.. Um I mean my “hoo ha”.
Peri bottle
The hospital gave me one, it was a plastic bottle with a sports top. You fill it with warm water and spray off your lady parts after you go to the bathroom. Sounds crazy but it is a God send? It helped me feel clean and it was soothing. Plus, you can’t-and won’t want to- wipe.
Oh these heavenly little witch hazel pads! They help soothe and heal your incision or tear. If you are one of those lucky women with a perfectly in tact perenium, well I’d assume these still would help the swelling and pain.
I took this like clockwork for the first week. I was extremely sore and achey all over and I had after pains while I nursed so taking it every 6 hours helped tremendously.
Stool softener
You don’t want to push again. Enough said.
Nursing pillow
I have a boppy. It definitely helped in the beginning while we were getting the hang of nursing.
Dermaplast spray
This is numbing spray that you just spray all over your lady parts after you use your wonderful peri-bottle. This eased the pain of my stitches like you wouldn’t believe!
Granny panties
You will ruin panties. Do yourself a favor and buy a pack of ugly, big granny panties in a size a bit bigger for the first few weeks. I even had a full bag of Victoria’s Secret pretty panties waiting for me once the postpartum bleeding was done!
Nipple cream
At the hospital I used lanolin, which is safe for baby. Although, baby G always made a funny face when he tasted it. You can use anything you choose, coconut oil is a good natural option. Just be sure to be diligent in applying it after every feeding and even in between feedings if you can remember!
Newborn sleep gowns
They look silly on baby boys but I swear by these little gowns! The bottom is just elastic and it makes all the middle of the night diaper changes so easy!
A good meal and tons of water
It is so hard to remember to feed yourself while feeding your newborn so often. Not to mention you need extra hands that you don’t have! But make it a priority to eat good meals and drink a ton of water. It makes all the difference in how you feel and is so important for your milk production.

Don’t let this scare you! I was feeling pretty good again by two weeks and it truly gets better each day. Plus you get such an amazing gift!


8 thoughts on “Postpartum Must Haves

  1. Oh my …..I laughed out loud at least 6 times. So funny how all these things happen to us as new moms. We have the most amazing blessing our children that we don’t really vent about how much we really have to endure to our mind, body and crazey emotions. I had stitches in and out. My doctors exact words to me were ” I’m not sure I can put this back together”…. All your tips are on the money. The first time in my life I even used stool softener. And to tell the truth…I was so scared to go to the bathroom for the first time. But don’t worry, I know this sounds like a lot going on but the reward is so great. As my son is 7 now…I look back and laugh a little at these things because when it comes down to it I would do it again. Love reading your diary. Thanks for sharing! XOXO


  2. yes yes and yes! I made my own witch hazel pads and put them in the freezer which was extra soothing. As for the granny panties, my sister clued me in…I hid the first stack the nurse gave me and asked for more so I had a nice stash to take home, also grabbed the Dermaplast spray on my way out πŸ˜‰


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