Diaper Genie

Okay, we have a love hate relationship with this diaper sausage maker.

Holds plenty of diapers
Doesn’t stink
Small and fits right in the corner next to the changing table
Allows us to not run to the dumpster from our second floor apartment every other diaper change
It is embarrassing to carry to the dumpster (well, for my husband to carry to the dumpster…thanks babe)
It makes a 4 foot long diaper sausage. Hence the embarrassment of carrying it outside.
The whole concept kind of grosses me out
I have to remember to buy the special refill bags

For us, the pros outweigh the cons. Although we were hesitant at first, and my husband was thoroughly grossed out by the idea, we tried it and were converted.
Hail to the diaper sausage machine!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!


Let me know what you are thinking!

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