Newborn Must Haves

There are so many things I wish I would have known about before baby G arrived!
Here are my top must haves for your newborn!

Swaddle-me wraps!
Baby G is a swaddle Houdini! He escapes even the tightest swaddle! A friend brought these Velcro swaddle blankets over when he was two weeks old and it made all the difference in the world for him! It was a snug and safe swaddle that I did not worry about getting pulled over his face. They are also fool proof. You just stick the baby in and Velcro!

Aiden and Anias swaddle blankets
Now, for the swaddle pros, these are the way to go. They are a huge square of soft, light and breathable fabric. I used these to swaddle before I was introduced to the wraps. However, baby G is a summer baby so these blankets are perfect for snuggles without getting too warm! We always have one with us! I love that they fold/roll up so small so that I can keep one in the diaper bag! A friend taught me to tie two corns together and it makes a great nursing cover!

Infant Gas Drops
Baby G had major tummy issues and the pediatrician recommended to use the mylicon gas drops before every feeding. It helped immensely! The advice she gave was don’t be afraid to use them at each feeding, they are safe!

White noise/nature sound machine
This was the biggest help getting baby G to stay asleep longer! It blocks out noise and helps them feel like they are in the womb! There are free apps as well but beware.. You will leave yourself phone/tablet-less because it will end up next to wherever baby sleeps!

Medela double electric pump
This was a life saver when I had to start pumping. I wanted to save milk in the freezer for emergencies and dates as well as get prepared for when I begin work again. Pumping did not come easy to me but this pump was easy to use, easy to clean and portable. Expensive but worth the investment.

Hand sanitizer
This should be a no brainer but I’m listing it anyway. Before baby G was born I bought $15 worth of unscented hand sanitizer. I kept it on the coffee table, the nightstand, the changing table, the diaper bag, etc. I made sure everyone used it and I will never regret being a hand sanitizer nazi.

Hormones will make you crazy those first few weeks. Tissues were an amazing gift during this time!

Please comment and let me know what items you couldn’t live without!!


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