Breakfast Explosion

As a mom, I am much too familiar with the occasional diaper explosion. Today we experienced our first one in public…

We are at breakfast with my father in law and my husband’s Grandma (who by the way are both awesome!!) and while eating my breakfast I feel and hear my oh so sweet, but oh so stinky boy tooting up a storm. He is ALL boy and I am reminded of that daily.
Next thing I know we are heading to the changing table.
Baby G was wearing the cutest little outfit. WAS.
I will skip the poopy details but lets just say his once so cute outfit was no longer wearable. So I stripped him down to his diaper, wiped him down head to toe and prepared to do a walk of shame through the restaurant to grab him a new outfit from my bag. So I pick him up, sling him over my shoulder, start packing up my changing supplies and SPLAT!
A big puddle of projectile spit up all over the bathroom floor and my shoulder.
After I was on the ground using my expensive, fragrance free, all natural baby wipes to clean up the mess, I go to the sink with a naked baby on my shoulder and one handedly attempt to rinse the poop and spit up from baby G’s clothes. A woman walked in and gave me the weirdest look but please, we will all go through this more than once at some point in our mommy hood journey.
Now for the walk of shame with a naked baby through the restaurant.
I get back to the table and get him dressed as quickly as I could.
“What happened?” My husband asked.
“Oh, a lot happened in there. A lot.”


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