You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Now more than ever have a realized the importance of friendships.

I have started to make a more conscious effort to nurture friendships since I have had my son and I have been completely blessed. It is so important for both the mommies and the babies!
I have never ever been a social butterfly! And I still get nervous to hang out with friends or for play dates but once I get over the nerves, I am always blessed.
As a new mom, meeting up with friends that have children is a must! I love the things we have in common and that it is no big deal that my baby just spit up all over your couch or the fact that we have hairy legs and smell like vomit. Our conversations now consist of what color poop your baby had or how many hours of sleep they are getting and I am one hundred percent ok with that!
My hope and prayer for this blog is to create a community for both new moms and been-there-done-that moms alike. A place of truth, transparency and joy. A place to cry, laugh and relish in our journeys as moms. So please, don’t hesitate to comment when you have experience to offer, a question to ask or a story to share!


Let me know what you are thinking!

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