The Working Mom

I love being home with baby G!
Our first 6 weeks were extremely rough but now we are finally getting the hang of things and I am loving it! But my maternity leave is almost over and it makes me so sad!

I don’t know how all of you working moms do it! I am already an emotional mess whenever I think about going back to work! I know it is partially due to my crazy hormones while breastfeeding but oh boy does the thought make me tear up!
Stay at home moms, it truly makes my heart so happy that you get to relish in every moment of your children’s lives! You get to nurture, discipline, rejoice and enjoy them in a way that only happens when your job is solely being a mom. My mom stayed home with us for most of my childhood and I still remember our “Waffle Fridays”, the clean home she provided us, lunches always being packed, her helping in our classrooms and so many more fond memories! I have the best mom in the world and I will try to take many of my childhood memories and recreate them for my sweet boy.
Working moms, oh how I am in awe of what you accomplish! I am not sure how it feels to be a working mom yet but I do see the hard work, sweat and tears that come with it. I want to learn from you and discover new ways to enjoy the time I do get with my son and learn to truly cherish every second I get to spend with him. My mother in law went back to work at 6 weeks postpartum with both of her sons. She is amazing; one of the hardest working women I know. And my husband adores her and never felt as if he missed out because she worked. I hear so many stories and memories of his childhood and that is what brings me hope in the fact that I will be able to create memories with my son, despite being a working mom.
Yes it will be tough. There will (and already have been) tears. But I understand that this is the best thing for our family at the time and my husband works his cute little butt off to provide for us as well, which I am forever grateful for! Without him working as hard as he does I would have been back to work at 6 weeks! So if you are reading this, thank you for what you do for our family!
Please please comment and give me any tips and advice on how to adjust both myself, my husband and our son to this change!


9 thoughts on “The Working Mom

  1. I went back to work when Layla was 4 Months old. I am a kindergarten teacher and luckily i got a shared contract this year so i only work Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. It was the hardest thing ive ever had to do but it truly does make you enjoy and cherish your time with them so so so much more!!! Its hard everyday and I cry most mornings but when I come home to see her smiling face makes everything perfect again. Bottom line working moms or stay at home moms are AMAZING!


  2. I want to cry for you. I went back to work (2 days a week) at 3 months and it was way too soon. I’m from Canada where mat leave in a year. The weeks leading up to working I cried many times a day. My mother in law looks after him…the truth is, at this point anyone can change a diaper and give him a bottle. It sucks. But it’s true. I am SO grateful his gramma can look after him, but sometimes I feel she’s doing my job. At the end of the day, my pay cheques do so much more for my son, my family, and our piece of mind. One day I would LOVE to stay at home with my kids…when I can talk to them, pray with them and influence them…right now I’m happy that he eats and sucks my face off (the ONLY one btw), and I appreciate my time with him so much more than I could have thought. You will too…and crying at work or being bitter at whoever takes care of him is natural, but it will pass once the hormones do. It’s been 3 months since I went back to work and it’s normal now! It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t rather be with my son, but I do have a happy heart, LOVE getting pay cheques and love even MORE coming home to my happy baby boy!!! Take heart…and pray!!!


  3. My mom worked and I remember being so excited for her to come home. She also had great traditions that we loved like movie night with home made shakes! You will be a wonderful mommy, working or not! If your hearts desire is to stay home, don’t stop asking God for that gift though:)


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  5. My mom worked 40+hrs a week but always made time to do special things with us when she was off & at night. This made our moments together more specisl & precious. I don’t feel slighted at all for having a working mom! She’s an inspiration! I too am a working mom now, Macy is 17months old & I went back to work when she was 11wks old. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do! I cried at the thought of leaving her to work for weeks leading up to that day, & then I cried most days on the way to work in the beginning. But now we are in a routine, she loves the ladies at her daycare & it really has been great for her. Plus when I pick her up she runs to me smiling/laughing saying momma & gives me kisses:) I have become a better mom because I went back to work, i dont take for granted the time i have with her, ive learned its ok to have a little bit of a messy house, & that laundry/ dishes can wait because they arent whats important! Although I too still pray that one day I can stay home with my baby, being a working momma & helping to provide financially for your family is something you need to be proud of!


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