Real Life Mom

Hello mommies!
I am so excited to start this blog and to record all of my mommy hood moments!
I love reading mommy blogs, especially while I was pregnant! Each mom has their own unique journey but somehow we can all relate! This is a place of no judgement, honest truth, transparency and pure joy for us moms to learn, reminisce and laugh during the times of poopy diapers and temper tantrums!
I am 22 years old and married to my high school sweetheart! We have a 2 month old son who has been the biggest blessing to us both! He is my inspiration for this blog and my hopes are that through the moments I spend with baby G , we can inspire and encourage other moms out there to enjoy the journey, as crazy as it may be!


Here are some weird facts about me!
1. I absolutely loved being pregnant. If I could do it again without having another baby, I would be rockin’ that bump in a heart beat!
2. I make a totally delish chocolate sauce. It’s my specialty.
3. I go crazy if I stay home all day.
4. I was a vegetarian for 8 years. Now I crave-and enjoy- hamburgers.
5. I am addicted to the soap opera General Hospital. Thanks mama!
6. I have the worst sweet tooth. Dessert is my favorite food group
7. Sharing this blog actually terrifies me! But I know God gave me these moments to share so I will do exactly that!

Look forward to doing life with all of you readers!


4 thoughts on “Real Life Mom

  1. I love this. I had no idea we are so alike.
    1. Me too. I loved being pregnant. I felt like it was the most amazing thing I will ever experience in my life.
    2. my home made Almond Rocha. The only ting I make that I can truly brag about. Can’t wait to try your chocolate sauce.
    3. Me too!
    4. 4 yrs as a vegetarian. Me too!
    5. I still watch days of our lives….also my Mom got me into it over 20 years ago.
    6. Donuts are my weakness.
    7. I am so proud and excited you are sharing your experiences. More moms relate to you than you can imagine. I look forward to more sharing. Your an amazing Mother and friend. I am proud to be a fellow “squishy”!


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